Successful businesses are built on lasting relationships.
The DIGITISE CRM is designed to help you to effectively manage yours

Trade-in your spreadsheets, optimise your customer relationship management workflow, grow your business and bottom line with DIGITISE.

An effective CRM system can be one of an organisation’s most valuable assets. DIGITISE is a cloud-based platform that can help your team to:

  • Dramatically improve their productivity and collaborative efforts
  • Identify opportunities and potential prospects
  • Increase sales
  • Enhance customer relationships
  • Excel when it comes to customer satisfaction

Manage Lead & Client Interactions

The DIGITISE CRM platform’s fields and labels can be fully customised via a user-friendly interface. You can also manage user permissions effortlessly. Your team can then:

  • Store all customer information, contacts and documents.
  • Log and keep track of all leads and client interactions.
  • Save detailed notes.
  • Shared access to customer information to enhance collaborative efforts and productivity.

Customisable Calendar

The DIGITISE CRM platform offers a fully customisable calendar with colour coded entries, notifications and reminders so that your team never misses a call, meeting, event, birthday or occasion ever again.

Perform searches based on location

The DIGITISE CRM platform offers your team the ability to search and filter sales leads, suppliers and/or clients by geo-location.

This helps them to plan their sales calls and meetings efficiently, saving time and cutting costs.


Communication Integration

The DIGITISE CRM platform enables internal e-mail notification sending directly from the system.

It may also be integrated with DIGITISE’s marketing tools , enabling targeted marketing communication efforts via SMS to specific sales leads and clients.

Good for now and later...

When you’re looking to invest in a CRM solution, it not only needs to meet your current requirements, but should also have the ability to scale as your business grows. The DIGITISE CRM is designed with this in mind.

You can start out with a single contributor and scale to unlimited numbers as your business expands, without breaking the bank.

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